Tuesday, November 24, 2009

With Much Thanks

I would like to say thank you to all of my wonderful friends who have Petie in their thoughts since learning of his renal failure.

We so very much appreciate all of the thoughts and prayers Petie has received. The kind words from all of his friends is such a source of encouragement and hope for us, as we struggle with this illness.

Many of Petie's dear friends had asked if they could tweet about raising funds to help with Petie's vetrinary bills. To those of you who have been so generous to my dear Petie we say "thank you" from the bottom of our hearts. You need to know that it was an extremely difficult decision to allow this to happen.

Petie has now been on his medication since Saturday and he is taking it like a good boy with minimal fighting. I have noticed already that he is far less agitated than he had been over the past few days. This alone is a great thing for Petie as it is very difficult to see him be so very agitated all the time.

He is however having issues with eating his food. We have tried 3 different ones so far and he just plain will not eat them. The good thing is that he did have some of the dry kibble this morning that was mixed with his regular kibble. At this point I will be happy if he eats anything.

The vet said that once a cat goes off his food, it is very difficult to get them back on, so we continue to pray that he will somehow like one of the foods that we are going to try on him.

He continues to drink huge amounts of water which of course is a sign of the renal failure. The Vet said that this should hopefully decrease as his medication starts to work.

He will have a repeat blood panel in 4-6 weeks and at that time it will be determined if he will require additional fluids under his skin. I hope so very much that we do not have to do that for him just yet.

Petie as many of you know is a fighter and he has a strong will. I hope that he will continue to fight this with all he has.

Again, thank you all so very much for all that you have done for us.


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  2. I hope you get better real soon we all love you and praying for you I remmeber when you got attacked by racoon I fell for you then so I know prayers will work love you

  3. Hi Petie, I know you will get better soon, we all love you and we all pray for you everyday. You are a very strong willed kitteh. Good news is you are eating some kibble even though mixed with the old. The medicines will start working, and I hope you start to like your new food more.

  4. Hi Petie.
    Did some checking for you on high quality proteins.Merrick has several "before grain" varities for cats.Maybe if you mix it with your new kibble,you'll be able to eat more of it. Baby Patches carries Merrick,so you should be able to get it from her.
    Here's hoping your medicines and new diet help to keep it under control and you are with us for many more years.
    Keeping my paws folded for ya.

  5. Evo, dry or wet, is very high protein.
    I had a kitty with slightly elevated kidney values. I'm trying to recall how this went... the kidneys can cause the stomach to have too much acid which causes heartburn. Which makes them nauseous. If their stomach is upset with a certain food they associate that food with not feeling well and won't eat it for a long time. So you have to keep switching foods. Or Pepcid ac 10mg or 10 mg cut in half can help. Check with your vet. Also... dry food doesn't offer enough water. Would Petie eat canned food? Although you do have to feed them what they will eat.

  6. Keeping you and your mama in our thoughts and prayers Petie. I just know you will improve some once you find a food dat is tolerable and your current meds start kicking in. Just remember you are loved by all who know you and we're all pulling for you. You can fight this thing and enjoy much more time with all of us. purrrrrrrrrrr

  7. We are so thankful to have Petie and his mom in our lives via Twitter. We hope and pray that all goes well as he fights this illness and tries to recover. Please be well, Petie. We love you.

    BZTAT and the Brew

  8. We found Petie's blog at the #pawcircle. We hope you will find something Petie will eat soon. And we hope he does well on his medicine.

  9. Hey Petie - If'n you get this message, seems like everyone on Twitter can see you but you cannot see us. Just so you knows we is not ignoring you. We is trying to tweet at ya!

  10. Aw Petie, mom is over here yelling "eat, Petie, eat" like a fool. But yeah, we'll all be purring and purraying dat yoo start eating and feeling better.