Saturday, October 31, 2009

Coffee Lovers Unite

Hello, I know has been a long long time since I did update my bloggy. Shame on me. But I am here now, once again with blogging on my mind.

Today I was tweeting with my good friends Abi and Maddi over at @KritterKondo. We were tweeting about how much our mamas did love good coffee.

When my mama and daddy were in Costa Rica three years ago, they discovered the best coffee that they ever did taste. The coffee came from Cafe Britt, who grow, harvest and export this coffee all over the world.

My mama and daddy were so happy to learn of this, they now order a case of coffee every three months to drink in the mornings for their Brekkie and well just about any old time, because they do love the coffee.

My mama did send some to @KritterKondo mama to try as well, because well she has been so good to me, wif me winning her contestys and stuff, mama say was least we could do. Anyhow, we did send them some Tres Rio to try and her mama did love it. So much so that she has just ordered some more to try.

My mama and daddy to order the Terrazu, Light Roast, Dark Roast and the Tres Rio. Each coffee has a very unique taste, but all are just wonderfuls to drink.

Well at least that what my mama does say, you see kittehs do not really drink the coffee.

I have found this wonderful promotion from Cafe Britt where you do get Free Shipping on all orders from now until the Christmas time, so I am now passing it along to all of my friends.