Saturday, April 10, 2010

Can you please help KittyKitty?

Hello Everyone

I would like you to meet KityKity. This is a sweet little girl cat that our dear friend @Wildboutbirds rescued last weekend.

Honeybell's mama did find the kitty, with very serious wounds and punctures all over her body.

Being the absolute animal lover that she is of course she rushed this sweet girl off to the vets to see if they could help her.

KityKity has needed to have massive treatment and they are still having to take her back to the Vet every couple of days to work on the massive wound in her side.

However, as a result of this the Vet bills are becoming very high. So far, nearing $2,000 with more treatment to come.

In addition to this one of their other cats has become sick as well and they are going to face Vet bills for sweet Simon as well.

I would like to ask that if there is any donation that you can make, big or small, as we all know that every little bit goes a long way, it would be so very much appreciated.

Here is the link to help out our dear friend @wildboutbirds with the vet bill for KityKity

Thank you all very much


  1. poor poor kittykitty & den simon too! o nose. I will sees wot we can do to halp dem.

    *looks round fur humanz money bags*

  2. My dear Bestest and to all friends of Honeybell,
    I thank you for your friendship and kindness for helping this little kitty! I cannot tell you how you have touched our hearts; but as HB says, "Paws to hearts" Thank you!

  3. We hope poor KittyKitty will be okay. She must be in a lot of pain. It's nice of your friend to help her.

  4. Oh! Dears! I will seed wot I can do! I will raid Trea's money box! Kisses to you all. Jazzy XXXXX

  5. M donated for you too - can't help with much, but lots of "little bits" grows into "a lotta of bits." Bless you for starting this up friend.

  6. An update and a sincere thank you to all of you for your kind words, purrs, and help; My new sister who we still call, Kitty Kitty is doing much better. She still goes to the vet every other day. She also sleeps next to mama. This I must get used to because this was MY spot! hmmmm; anyway, her healing is coming along and there is new skin on her where there was a big hole just a week ago!
    Thank you all so very much. Mama and I love you! Paws to heart!

    BTW: The reason for the dopey name is when you talk to a feral cat, you say, "Here, kitty kitty.." The name has stayed; We tried other names but always go back to Kitty Kitty! :) xo

  7. Poor Kittykitty! She's sure lucky such a great human found her...

  8. The Presence of Angels

    Thank you kindly for your overwhelming generosity.

    Update on Kitty Kitty:

    It has been a week and although still unsteady on her feet; she has been progressing well. It is truly amazing; she took over almost immediately feeling right at home with us purring in bed; eating and YES! even using the litter box! YAY! (That would have been a big problem!)

    Her puncture wounds are healing; the major one on her left side (it was all open just a week ago) now has a layer of skin on it; Her stitches came off. We have to put cream on her twice a day as well as iron 2x daily and still on antibiotics as well. She cannot stand or walk for very long at one time but this too shall be better with time. We still bring her every other day to the vet's office. I do think that after this Wednesday's visit (4/21) it may be reduced to 2 times a week.

    This little girl has been such a sweetie! All she wants is love and tells us all thank you for giving her a chance. At first sight, the vet said the humane thing was to "put her down" then Kitty's eyes caught the vets eyes~ *giggles* He then said, Lets give this little girl a chance!

    What is truly amazing is the outpouring of love from all of YOU!Your love and support has forever been given a home in our hearts! Thanks to all! We love you!

  9. Thank you all again so very much; we are so humbled by your love, generosity and kindness; it makes us cry! Last vet visit; vet was amazed; we said it was because of all of you! thank you so very much again!

    progress is going well; no more pain pills, finished antibiotics, she is walking and even playing now; a wee bit~ and that purr; I am sure that all can hear her thanking all of you!

    Her meow on the other hand will kill your ears; from years of being outside; it is this ungodly screech! no cute meow there, thats for sure! LOL! but thank catness, she is lovely cat inside!

    We now start regular weekly or 2x weekly visits to vet; for followups, blood tests, etc. Her fur even is growing back!

    Love to all! xo

  10. 5/12/10
    We just returned from the vet with Kitty K; she is doing so well that we only have to bring her back to the vet 1x week or maybe he said once every 2 weeks! thanks to all of you! love you! xo

  11. Poor thing, glad she is doing better. See what love can do. still purring and praying for her.

  12. We heard Petie is sick, fell down and can't get up. We came right by to leave lots of purrs and tail wags for him. And for his family. We hope he is okay!

  13. We just heard that Petie is hurting. Sending healing purrrss and comforting purrrayers.


  14. Petie, tha Cat Blogosphere gots a nise Purrs for Petie grafik yoo mite wanna see
    Lots n lotsa kittehs and their beans and woofies are purring and purraying fur yoo.

  15. Everybody visiting to leave purrs and support for Petie - we will remind him to look even though his bloggy is not up to date. So he will see your notes!

  16. We are purring and purring for you Petie!!!!!

  17. We are purring and praying for sweet Petie.

  18. We heard from the Hotties that you are not feeling well Petie and we are sending you lots of healing purrs.

  19. We are purring very hard for you Petie!

  20. We are sending our very bestest purrs and prayers for you, Petie.

  21. I just read this for the first time. I was heartsick at the treatment this poor baby endured and thanking goodness that she was rescued nnd cared for.

  22. Sending vibes KittyKitty's way! =^..^=

  23. I am praying for KityKity. We also have a straggler taken in that will need medical care. I hope Kity recovers and that your friends come through for you. I hope our kitty recovers as well. xxx

  24. I just read that Petie ran over the Rainbow Bridge. I am so very sorry.

  25. Dear Angel Petie, we didn't know you but have read some wonderful tributes from your furiends and decided to find your bloggie, soft husky woooos tonight to you & yours, godspeed kitteh,

    RA, Isis & Nanuk

  26. That poor kitty! I will spread the word about you guys needing donations to help take care of the vet bills. I hope that everything and everyone starts to feel better.

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