Thursday, April 9, 2009

My Anniversay of My Forever Home

Hello everyone,

Thirteen years ago today I came to my forever home from the Humane Society in Winnipeg, Manitoba. I had been in the shelter for six months when my mamma found me.

I had been adopted out twice and both times they took me back. I don't really know why cuz I really am a nice kitteh. I guess those other humans just did not love me enough.

Now after 13 years of being in my forever home, I am so glads that those other humans did not keep me, cuz my mamma and my daddy are very good to me. They do not have any kids at home any more so I am their baby.

I would have liked to have had a brofur or a sisfur but mamma and daddy only wanted one cat.

I love my house and I go outside in the backyard and get to smell flowers (in the summer) and chase bugs (real and imaginary) and sometimes I get to chase moles (kinda like mousies). They are fast and I can never catch them though.

I just thought that I would write today about my adoption story. Maybe others will read this and adopt kittehs that need a home.

The very best place to get kittehs is from the Humane Society (like the ASPCA) or from a shelter. Those are the kittehs that needs the home the most.

I am trying to get mamma to help me put something on here called "widgets" to help raise money for shelter anipals, but we is having some troubles. I am sure we will figure it out soon.

I hopes all my anipals have a wonderful Easter, but remember not to eat the chocolates, else you will get very sick.

Love Petie the cat

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  1. Dat's a furry nice story, Petie! Nina an I is shelter kitties, too. Petfinder has a widget dat can point to a spific shelter. Nina an I was bof in county shelters an then no-kill rescues afore we dopted Mom an Dad (an the boy).

    PS Mom always says chalk-let is Not For Kitty. Efun if it's chalk-let eyescream or milk!