Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Cinqo De Meowie "Woof" PawPawty Saturday May 2- Sunday May 3

Calling all Anipals, it is time for another Pawty this weekend.
You voted and here it is... the next #pawpawty is going to be held on the 2nd and 3rd of May yep that is this weekend. We will start at 19:00DST UK, 11:00PDT, 14:00EDT, 06:00NZST, and yes it will be for 24 hours.

The theme of the pawty is Mexican this time so there will be lots of sombreros, flowers and feathers. All Girlie anipals remember that dresses should be frilly. Our wonderful @emmythecat will be doing another paw wall for us, so be sure to get your costumes on and register at FrugalDougals blog so @Emmythecat can add you to the wall.

The Venue this tim is a great new virtual location for our fiesta. It is a critter ranch were all anipals are welcome. There is a huge outdoor arena with space for Mexican Rodeo fun. The hot tubs are outside next to the swimming pool so anipals can relax after lots of dansing.

There will be a salsa dancing competition that will be held in The Big Red Barn.

Inside are three BARS. Two of the bars will have our well known DJ's cranking out our favorite tunes. The third bar is a relax and chill out bar with big comfy sofas to rest on.

There is a 24 hour banquet in the Green Barn serving up our favorite pawty treats. There will be tuna tacos, beef burritos, honey tortillas, cheerio enchiladas, carrot chimichangas, and lots and lots of hot sauce for those who want it.

If you want to bring a platter of treats to share with the anipals just drop it off in the Green Barn.

There will be lots of contests happening at the pawty with the following donors already onboard to donate pwizes


If you would like to donate a pwize or two to this great pawty then contact @frugaldougal and let him know so you can be added to the list. It is great fun to sponser and win pwizes. It is so exciting to get pwizes in the mail.

And of course, the most important part of the Pawty, is that we do this to raise funds for less fortunate anipals, so that they have a chance to have great homes like we all do.

This time around the charity is Margaret Green Animal Rescue in the UK. @FrugalDougal and @Emmythecat chose this shelter as they help all kinds of animals in need, not just doggies and kittehs. This animal welfare charity has three sites in Dorset and Devon, UK. This charity rescues and re homes over 1 200 animals per year, and with our help they will only be able to accomplish more. So don't forget to bring your card or chequebook to the pawty so you can donate to this very worthy cause. Remeber that every little bit helps this wonderful charity. ( In the event that you just cannot donate you are still welcome to attend the pawty) To donate please go to

The address for this charity in case you do not have a card is

Margaret Green Animal Rescue
Church Knowle
Wareham, Dorset BH20 5NQ UK

So anipals get on your pawty bling and join us for another fun fun fun time. See you all there


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