Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It's Tuesday

Good Morning all of my anipal friends.

I have been very busy since last Friday. I was so honored to be inducted into Duke's Royal Pack. I am now to be known as "Sir Peter". I was also hononred by being voted CenterPets cat of the week.

Then of course we had the #pussycatisland pawpawty this past weekend. All of the anipals managed to raise $1,000 for SylvieDog's charity. This was the best news of all.

All of the anipals had so much fun at the pawty. Special thanks need to be given to @BabyPatches and @Rumblepurr for organzing such a great pawty on the island. Also @Morriscat needs to have a big thank you given to him for stepping up and hosting the pawty for several hours when @BabyPatches mammas internet connection went down. Morris hosted and conducted several contests all on his own for some great prizes and for this we are very grateful.

All of the anipals had so much fun on the island surfing,jet skiing, digging tunnels, dancing the conga,limbo and the hula. There was even some romantic waltzes in there and lots of opportunity for kittehs and others to shimmy, shimmy, shake, shake.

We had great bartender SylvieDog who took special bartending courses for the event. We also had some great and wonderful DJ's and this is a special thank you for all of your hard work making sure that we had wonderful entertainment.

Catnamedsinbad made us all special surfboard with our names on them and we all had fun with them and there were even a few rescues at sea using our boards.

I know that all would like to hear some juicy details of what happened on the island, but sorry; what happens on the island stays on the island.

All anipals are very tired now, from their antics on the island but I know everybody is looking forward to the next pawty.

There are no plans yet for another pawty but I am sure there will be one. Stay tuned


  1. Sir Peter, you knows you need props for the #pussycatisland pawty too! You did a lot of work letting people know about it and encouraging them to donate to Sylvie's appeal AND you donated prizes too! Three cheers to Sir Peter!

  2. Morris is right! You forgot to give yourself much deserved credit! For all your hard work. We applaude you. Sir Peter. *doggie salute*

    Lou & Pebbles