Friday, April 17, 2009

My Adventure Talking to @PetsareTalking

Two months ago, my mamma was on Twitter and she started following Petsaretalking. She got to talking to Bridgitte and found out that she is able to talk to animals. At that time Bridgette was doing some free readings for animals and I was lucky enough to get picked.

Apparently Mammma had three questions that she wanted Petsaretalking to ask me.

1. What kind of animal attacked me at the cottage last summer.

2. Why do I scratch at one place on the kitchen wall and..

3. Why is it that sometimes I look sad.

I had a lovely conversation with Bridget pets are talking. I told her that when I was at the lake last summer, and when mamma and daddy let me out at night I was attacked by a great big racoon. I almost died that night let me tell you. He was big and ferocious and tried to drag me into the lake. (Mamma always thought that it was an otter that had gotten me)

I also told her that I scratch at the one place on the wall because when daddy fixed the wall he missed a spot and I find it asthetically displeasing. That is why I scratch at it; and to of course remind daddy that he still has to fix it.

When Bridget asked me why I look sad sometimes the only response I could think of was "Well don't you look sad sometimes too?". I assured her that I was perfectly happy in my forever home with mamma and daddy.

For all of you out there that ever wanted to tell your human something, then you should ask for a reading from Bridgette. I was very glad that mamma got one for me.

Mamma is very happy about it too and is amazed that @petsaretalking could know all that about me, cuz only I knew those things. Mamma said that she was not sure she believed in the ability to talk to animals, but says she sure does now.

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