Monday, November 23, 2009

Renal Failure- heartbreaking news.

Hello Everyone,
As some of you knew, I was not feeling too well last week, so mama did take me to the Vet on Saturday morning.
After many tests, x-rays, blood panel, examination etc. it has been determined that I am in 2nd stage renal failure.
I guess that I join a big list of kittehs that also have this condition. The Vet said that I only have 33% of my kidney function.
I have 2 medications that I have to take on a daily basis and new food that I am supposed to eat, that now has to be measured out, instead of free feeding me as in the past. So far I have refused to eat the new food.
Mama has not had any problems getting the one pill into me, but the other is a capsule and so far she has not been able to get me to take that one.
The Vet says that he cannot predict what will happen as I am turning 15 years old next week on December 4. He says that in the near future I will likely need fluids put under my skin with a needle to keep me hydrated.
I go back to see the Vet in 6 weeks for more bloodwork to see if the medicine, food etc is having any result on me.
Mama was so shocked that I had lost so much weight.. she knew that I had lost some weight because that and my drinking way more water was what prompted her to take me to the vet, but I had lost 10 pounds last week alone... good thing I am a big kitteh to start wif or there be nofing left of me.
Mama is heartbroken to say the very least. She is inconsolable over this turn of events. I am her bestest friend and have been with her through thick and thin. She wants to go back in time to before this happen when everything was happy and good. I am trying to keep mama cheerful but it is very hard to do.
Mama says she is going to do what is the very best for me and that she will not let me suffer if it should come down to making a choice.
I am sorry to have to share this news my dear friends, but we thought it was best for everyone to know, so nothing will come as a shock.
I do so hope that I have some good years left in me and ask for your prayers for me to help make that happen,
Love Petie


  1. Oh, Petie. This is such sad news to hear about you. :(

    I'm so glad that your momma noticed the changes and took you in to the vet in time to get meds. 10 pounds is a lot to lose! Wow.

    I will be keeping you in my thoughts. Please keep us updated, and above all -- be good and take your medications for your momma!

  2. Oh, Petie, I have wet eyes and face. What bad news b4 the holidays or at any time. I wish you well and hope the meds work and ur not in any pain. Prays and purrs 4 u and ur Mom. My love, CK

  3. Petie, please let your mom know how sorry I am! I'm sure she never expected to find out that you're so sick. Sending both of you healing thoughts.


  4. Oh Petie, I am so sorry to hear that sad news. My sis Lily's brother Theo was on the kidney tablets and Hills K/D for several years.. he was the only one that liked eating it and took the tablets like sweeties. You be a brave boy and try eating the special food for your mum, you need to keep your strength up. Much love Teagan and Lily x x

  5. Petie...

    Lots of healing thoughts and purrs to you sweet friend...I noes you strong kitteh and I hope you have many good years left.

    As yooo noes, I am here if yoo need anyting...

    xo purrs...hollie

  6. Petie, Lisa and I send healing thoughts and love to you and your mom. We are here for you.

    Love, Sid

  7. Petie, I am so so so sorry to hear this news mai pal , we old guys have to stick together and we have been pals for a long time, you not leave me now mai pal okai?

    I know you are a strong boy and will do your best to eat the new food and take the pills.
    Sending you and your Mama the biggest Dougal Lick in the world.

    You know all us anipals are here for you and your Mama to give you love and support at this difficult time.

    Hugs & Woofs

    Dougal & Mum

  8. I is so sorry to hear your sad news, Petie. Mebbe we can help with you taking your capsule. My mom finds that capsules is the easiest to give the kittehs. Trick is you has to slime it up to make it all slickery. Mom puts it in a pill gun, rolls it in some canned food gravy (or mebbe a little toona juice?) then opens the kitteh's mouf, shoots it in and down the hatch it slides rilly fast. If you can't even has just a little juice like that, then running water over the capsule should make it slickery too, just won't have any swallowing incentive on it. Sorry you has to eat prescripshun foods. Nobody likes those UGH! But you has to so go do some nomming. We wants you around as long as possible.

  9. Hang in there. Eat the medicine, and the special food. It will help. Much love to you and your Mum. Our Weasley had renal troubles like you and he fought on for a long time.

    We want you to be around for a long LONG time. Rest and relax and eat the food stuff.

  10. Love is beautiful, even when our hearts are broken wide open. Love each other.

  11. Peter- I am so sorry to hear this news. You listen to everyone and eat your foods and take your medicines, we need you around for a lot longer. I am sending you hedgie purrs and loves


  12. Dearest Petie, Tells your Mama you are a fighter. Us kittehs have 9 lives! I'm sure if you do everything your Mama sez, you'll get to be with your hooman family and your Twitter family for a longs whiles. I luvs you Petie! Big comfort purrs for your Mama! Signed: Smokey8 fr Twitter

  13. Dear Petie, you are in our thoughts and in our prayers. Give your mom all the love you can. Keep taking your meds and eat. We'll be here to spend those good years with you. Catnip hugs from Omer and the Gang.

  14. Oh my Petie I'm so sorry to hear of your illness. Your Mum must be beside herself - you gotta help her through by taking the meds, yes they're yucky but they'll help.
    Come on big guy keep fighting.

  15. I am so sorry to hear this news sweet boy. Maybe your mommy can try a Greenie's Pill Pocket? That might work?
    Take your meds and eat your healthy foods so you can get strong again.

  16. So sorry to hear you're not well, Petie. I'm sure your mama will take good care of you, just make sure you take all the pills. I know they don't taste well, but they do make you feel better. Don't give up!

    *warm hugs for both you and your mama*

  17. I'm so sorry to hear that :( I pray that all your nine lives power keeps you going and get better. Orange cats are the best, you can do it!

  18. dearest petie, you noes how I feel. I iz here for you an bai your side. I will give your mama softpaws an we're gonna make sure you stays as healthy as possibuls. *hugs n kisses*

  19. Petie,

    Hugs and purr-ayers for you and your mama...

  20. Petie my dearest furriend, we are all leaky-eyed here again. You know that we will do all we can for you; all you have to do is ask. You have done so much for me and my family, we appreciate it more than you know. Please be well my dear pal, cos I have not known you nearly long enough to let you go. Shedloads and shedloads of *MarmaladeMorrisHuggles* to you and your mama xxxxx

  21. Petie.....

    I sends you and your Momma a thousand hugs and all my luv! You be a good boy and listen to your Mom, ok?! You both were sooo good to my family when my brudder was sick... know dat you are loved and dat you are in our prayers!

    *hugs and nosetaps*


  22. Oh Petie, I am crying for you and your momma. Don't give up hope. Be strong. We all love you and the #pawcircle is very powerful. I want to wrap you in my paws and tell you it will all be better. Love, Yoda (and my mom Nancy, dad David, and Majel, Caesar, Cleo and Sabrina.

  23. Dear Petie,

    What can I say but I love you! to my bestest floofy friend in the whole wide world! and to Mama too~~~My heart is broken~
    "Many friends will walk in and out of you life, but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart."
    ~ Anonymous
    Thank you so very much for my HUGE footprint of you, my dear bestest best in whole wide world!
    We must enjoy each minute of each day and make many more memories together! So we shall send healing and happy purrrsssssss and we will play~You aren't going anywhere for a long long time! Holds onto you!!!
    Purr purr BIG HUGGLES!!! Mama says that I can come up everyday to play and play and play and no sads; no time for sads!!!
    Love, Honeybell and Mama

  24. Dear Petie and your mama,
    I am so very sorry to hear about this news. You is a great pal and I am hoping with all the hope I have in me (which is tons of hope - so much it bursts at my seams) that you will make a full recovery. All your friends are here and we are all thinking about you and your mama.
    I am sending you both all the hugs I have and will be thinking of you all the time. Be brave, my friend! Be brave Petie's mama!
    Lots of love from Jed xoxoxoxoxox
    PS Tito sends all his love and hugs to you both too!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  25. from ur frind Hanseebundee: love u sweeet kitteh frind Petiee. an Poppy does 2. sendin love an prayrs! an u bettr take ur meds yup

  26. Words can not express how sorry I am to read the news but don't lose hope. I have heart disease so my mom understands the difficult decisions hopefully down the road and the many tears that come before with anticipation.

    Much kitty luv,

  27. Hi Petie! We are so sorry to hear you are not feeling well. There are some medicines and things that can help you feel better, but we know you mama will do what's best for you. We are sending our best purrs to you and your mama....